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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty Pretty Polyvore

This is what i like to think of as a faff free Photoshop, and man alive i LOVE it. The site is pretty self explanatory (check it out..., and allows an absolute beginner through to a pro to make an array of collages, or "sets" as Polyvore calls them.

For the young fashion enthusiast, they have ongoing competitions and contests (beware, your competition is FIERCE!) ranging from sets based on celebrities to sets devoted to a brand's new range. One thing to look out for is the effect of teen heartthrobs and pinups on this site... The Twilight Saga hits HARD each time a movie is released, for example. Whether this is a positive or a negative is down to personal opinion, but the presence of a Justin Beiber set on every page you visit doesnt do much for the fashion addict in me.

This website is however amazing for procrastinating, and the majority of the items (clothing/shoes/accessories) are available to buy... so this appeals to me. A lot.

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