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Thursday, 10 March 2011

This hidden gem through a fisheye lens...

Reading an old edition of "O" (The Oprah Magazine) i came across a page of gift ideas, many of which i would be devastated to receive. Then i saw the "Fisheye One Orange", $50, from I am now addicted. is a photography based website/online store, dedicated to both selling and encouraging creative photography.

Lomography not only have great (cheap!) products, but have set up an online community of bloggers, photographers, and your every day party go-er who comes hand in hand with a fish eye lens. I love it. I'm no Annie Leibovitz so i'm going to start out with a Fisheye One White and a night with the girls... its $40 so there's no major loss if all i end up with is 3 random blurred self portraits on a toilet floor.

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